Get Freelance Typing Work

How to become a freelancer and get typing work from home.

There are many freelance typing jobs available for home-based typists.

The best way to get typing work from home is by becoming an independent contractor or freelancer.

As a freelancer, you can provide secretarial services, virtual assistant services, medical transcription, general transcription, graphic design, web design and many other services. I’m mentioning some of the most popular services here that you can do from home.

Start a Secretarial Service or Become a Virtual Assistant.

Freelance services such as secretarial services and VA services have become one of the fastest growing home businesses today. Many entrepreneurs, home businesses and webmasters are outsourcing typing work to home-based typists and virtual assistants. Hiring a home-based typist, secretarial service or virtual assistant on an as needed basis saves them money and reduces their overhead costs because they don’t have to hire employees.

A Virtual Assistant provides a variety of support services to local and long-distance clients via the Internet, telephone, fax, and email.

Secretarial service get typing work and administrative services from businesses and entrepreneurs, such as creating form letters, typing addresses and mailing labels, reports, letters, invoices, proposals and other documents.

See more info about how to start a secretarial service business here.

Get more info about becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Find out what the difference is between a secretarial service and virtual assistant.

Recommended resources for Virtual Assistants.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription work from home is attractive to many people. However, there is less medical transcription work available today because of specialized software that’s available. There is plenty of work for experienced transcribers but it’s even more difficult than before to get started when you’re new and inexperienced in the medical transcription field.

Also, medical transcription work requires a steep learning curve.

On the other hand, general transcription is easy to get into, requires no special training and the need for general transcription has increased because web publishers need lots of content for their sites and many want interviews and podcasts transcribed.

My friend Michele can tell you more about medical transcription work.

Get more info on How to Start a Home-Based Medical Transcription Business

General Transcription Work

Transcription work provides great work-from-home opportunities. Many people have heard about medical transcription but few are familiar with general transcription.

General transcription work is basically any transcription that is not medical or legal. General transcription is non-medical transcription that covers a wide variety of work, such as transcribing meetings, interviews, workshops, movie scripts, focus group discussions, voicemail messages, podcasts and anything else that can be recorded. Many companies, individuals and organizations outsource transcription to home-based transcriptionists.

It’s a lot easier to get started with general transcription work than it is getting medical transcription work from home. This field is less known than medical transcription and has been around for a long time. The need for general transcription has increased because web publishers constantly need new content.

Get more info on how to get general transcription work from home.

Looking for Data Entry Work?

Be aware of data entry scams. Read this and know what to expect when looking for data entry work.

Become A Web Designer

Web design requires skill and talent. But if you are graphically inclined, it’s a fun, creative field to get into. Be aware that it is competitive but if you know how to promote yourself, there is more work available than you can handle.

Many web designers work from home as independent contractors. In addition to creating beautiful designs and layouts, you’ll need to know how to promote and market your services, how to get clients and how to charge for your services.

Find out more on how to become a web designer here.

Paid Surveys

I was hesitant to list Paid Surveys here because they have a bad reputation and are considered a scam by some people. Surveys can give you a little extra income but they are not going to give you a full-time income. See my review of Paid Surveys and what to watch out for.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for new Internet entrepreneurs to get started.

How to work: Basically, affiliates earns commissions for generating sales, leads or clicks for the merchant. Some affiliate programs pay you for sales. Others pay you for leads or clicks and you don’t have to sell anything to make a commission. This is called CPA (cost per action) or CPL (cost per lead).

Affiliates can earn from 5% to 75% and more in commissions. Many digital products (ebooks, software, templates, etc.) pay 50% and more commissions.

Affiliates can send potential customers to the merchant using banners, text links, product reviews and other methods.

Affiliates receive a unique affiliate ID, links, and banners to promote the merchant’s products. They display their affiliate links (text links and/or banners) on their website, in emails, newsletters and social networking sites.

When someone clicks on their links/banners, they are redirected to the merchant. If someone purchases through their link, they’ll get a commission! With some affiliate programs you can get paid when people submit an email or phone number or zip code and you make a commission without selling anything.

Below are some additional resources about affiliate programs:

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